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Spirit Elevations

Spirit Elevations is a lodge of light with its roots in the ancient traditions of Spiritual Mystery Schools, practicing in the mystical arts and esoteric sciences of self mastery and divine union. At the portal of every Mystery School holds the sign “Know Thyself” and we hold the same ideals and practices within this long line of unbroken tradition. We help in bridging these ancient esoteric practices and sciences with modern power by offering the public these tools of transformation along this path of spiritual evolution, so that we may return back to the original vibration we were in the beginning as spirit.


Know Thyself

The essential part to any journey is to know where to begin. Spirit Elevations focuses on the journey for each individual and it all begins within the self.

The Mystery School

The Mystery School is as tangible as your own heart. Real and beating as the universe around us but it can not be seen only experienced.

Spirit Elevations

Your Journey

We provide the space and tools necessary to explore the dimensions of self, allowing us to truly connect with our divinity and express from the soul, fulfilling our lifes purpose.

Our Foundations

Throughout the history of man there has been many traditions, religions, and ways of connecting with divinity to answer life’s biggest questions of; Who we are, why are we here, where did we come from and where are we going after this life? These are the common roots that we all share, unfolding and awakening to who we truly are and our purpose in life. Spirit Elevations is rooted in the ancient Mystery School traditions and pulls from this unbroken lineage as the basis for the teachings, healing and activation modalities, as well as ceremonies and rituals along the path of spiritual evolution. This provides a unique approach and background to metaphysics, spirituality, and the mystical arts of self-illumination that have been practiced since ancient times.