About Us

Our Story

Spirit Elevations was officially born on paper in Aug of 2015, but was a vision held by its founder Konor Rockhill, long before it’s birth. This vision was grand and all encompassing but simple in its foundation. A vision of a world and its people without suffering, a world where people lived for who they truly are at the core, and not for just a 9-5 mundane job that barely provides the basic essentials for themselves and loved ones. We have become so far gone from who we truly are at the core of our beings and barely give ourselves little if any time at all to tap into the deeper aspects of our self and the purpose of life in general. Instead, Spirit Elevations strives to create a world where one has the space and time to ask the questions; “who am I, why am I here, where am I going, where did I come from, and most importantly, what brings me joy?!” Questions that allow a deep personal reflection into who we are and our purpose, so that we may get to know ourselves and start to unfold and embody who we truly are, what we came here to do, and follow our joy in life!

If everyone had the time and space to become who they truly are at the soul level, one can only imagine the implications this would have on today’s world. What type of a world would we begin experience? Konor believes this type of world to be the long awaited return of Heaven on Earth, also referred to as; The Holy City of Light, The Garden of Eden, Shamballah, Shangri La, or the New Jerusalem depending on one’s cultural background.

As we begin to move into alignment with our higher-selves we begin to move into alignment with the higher divine plan of spirit, as we are all just extensions of the great spirit who forgot who we were along our journey. As the creator is experiencing all of creation at once and is constantly taking those experiences further and further as an ever evolving eternal experience of itself, the creator has a divine plan and intent for what’s to come next or how it can take an experience even further to grow and evolve. Now, take the human experience on planet earth..  As we are experiencing our lives, so is the creator experiencing all of our lives through each of us as well. Thus the creator would like to take “the human experience” further to grow and evolve and has a divine plan and intent for it, along with the steps and ideas to make it all manifest. But as we live in separation and out of alignment with ourselves from the place of our lower ego, we live out of alignment to the divine plan of it all..

Our purpose

Spirit Elevations mission is to do all in it’s power to manifest this glorious age of light for heaven on earth by creating a platform and foundation for the groundwork that’s done on the individual soul level first. We help in facilitating these processes through all that we offer and do here at Spirit Elevations. That is to help shift oneself back into alignment with who they are, shedding the layers of the ego so they can truly awaken and embody their own divine essence which is in alignment with the great spirit and the divine plan. Empowering them to fully activate, move into and embody who they truly are on a soul and spiritual level, anchoring that into the body and then sharing it with the world!

As we live in alignment with ourselves and the great spirit, we help in co-creating with spirit the divine plan and everything manifests miraculously. This is where and how we find our true joy and purpose in life, by being who we have always been since the beginning.

Our goal is to begin creating an interconnected network of like minded individuals with these same ideals of reaching deep within themselves, pulling out, embodying, and offering their highest selves and divine gifts to the world. To work towards this new paradigm and societal structure.

As we internally begin to shift ourselves, the external world we all collectively experience begins to shift as a result.