Our Roots

Local legends in many different parts of the world and in many different cultures state that the mysteries were taught to mankind by angels, gods, or aliens. What could be the common beginning of these legends from every culture?


Our tradition states that Man was not the first of creation to make the journey into individuality and then return back to ONENESS (to spirit). Those who have traveled the path of ONEness before us are sometimes willing to give mankind a helping hand. We consider them to be our Elder Brothers and Sisters. These “Elder Brothers and Sisters”   we call the Magi are the Masters of the Hierarchy of Light—a Spiritual Hierarchy devoted to assisting Humankind in evolving. The Logos (the Oversoul of the Solar System) recruited the Magi, our Elder Brothers and Sisters to guide the development of humanity by founding Mystery Schools. Originally they were formed in Atlantis.


These Magi had long ago evolved beyond individuality, and beyond the need for a physical vehicle to express within. They recognized that the beginning instruction of humankind would have to be within the physical. These advanced beings could form bodies without birth. To do this, they lowered their vibration by degrees until an apparently physical body could be formed around their electro-etheric matrix. They could hold this form until the instructions they were to offer had been completed, and then they would let their vibration return to its normal, non-physically visible rate. This is what is behind the miraculous appearances and disappearances of the Avatars, Angels, Extra Terrestrials, or Gods who are

in reality the beings the Mystery Traditions call the Magi.


The Magi gathered about themselves the most promising of the primitive humans. They impressed upon them teachings and images by a telepathic process. At that time, language was barley developing and it was not rich enough to give the intricacies of the Teachings. Even today, our language limits us in our ability to communicate and understand the deep mysteries. We don’t have the vocabulary and concepts to accurately describe the truth! This is why the tradition of verbal storytelling is how most of the Mystery teaching has occurred.


Gradually when these students were advanced enough, these Masters returned to the higher plane, and then would summon their students for instruction by having them travel in the Light (astral projection). In time, these students, became Adepts; (an Adept is an individual identified as having attained a specific level of knowledge, skill, or aptitude in doctrines relevant to a particular author or organization) of the various Mystery Schools, initiating and instructing others. This is how the Mystery Schools began.


The Mysteries as we know them originated in Atlantis. Then, as now, the purpose of the Mysteries was to uplift the consciousness of the Race by:

1- Training the individual Initiate in the Science of Regeneration (recreating one’s self according

to the Divine Pattern)—this is also called Spiritual Evolution or Development, Enlightenment, as well as Manifesting the Light Body.

2- Sowing the group mind with images that act as seeds in developing higher capacity in the

consciousness of the Race. In this way the Mass Consciousness evolves and all humankind

evolves as the result of those who accept Initiation.


According to the legend of how the Mystery Schools came to be, the High Priestesses of Atlantis were given a vision of a future cataclysm that would destroy their continent and civilization. The Hierarchy of Atlantis developed a plan to preserve the Atlantean teachings and ways for future times. They sent expeditions into the world to find 7 locations where energy from the Earth was abundant. Today we call these locations “power spots.” They are formed where the ley lines (rivers of electromagnetic energy) running through the Earth, cross a certain number of times. When the energy ley lines cross many times, an energetic Vortex is created.  Power spots provide sufficient energy for Initiation, ceremony, healing, and Spiritual evolution. Over time as this energy is utilized and intentionally directed it creates something we call the Magical Current and is the power or battery that we pull energy from as well as have contact with the spiritual hierarchy that is made up of non-physical beings, masters, angels, archangels, and the pantheons of gods and goddesses from human mythologies. In our tradition the physical initiation in a location of power connects the initiate to the magickal current and as a result receives enormous power, energy, and protection as well as direct connection to the contacts and will receive clear guidance from the hierarchy of light.


The Atlanteans sent out 7 expeditions over thousands of years, some say they occurred over 4,000 years time. The first expedition traveled East and settled in Tibet, establishing a Mystery School at this place of great power at the top of the world. The ways of Atlantean power are still practiced in the Tibetan Mystery School.


Later expeditions traveled to Africa establishing a Mystery School where the Atlantean Wisdom is still taught. Later groups established Mystery Schools in Japan, Eastern Europe (Romania), England, and Australia. The last group left Atlantis and arrived in North America as the final cataclysm occurred.  Refugees from the destruction of Atlantis also made their way to the North American coast. They founded the North American Mystery School on the advanced Atlantean understanding of Love. This mystery school also held the teachings of Balance between all the other teachings of wisdom and power from the other schools.


Many teachers and healers have based their work based on “modern” systems they have channeled themselves. Their work is often remarkable, powerful, and offers healing to those in need but the power of tradition is lost without the connection to the magickal current that initiation offes us and its link to that reservoir of energy and power as well as the energy sourced by the earth and the contacts from the hierarchy of light. By linking with the tradition through initiation, we become the latest in a long line of pilgrims journeying on a well marked path home to the divine realm that many have ventured before us. At the end of the path lies the shrine of the Mysteries of the self…